Treason and Celebration

The sky hath rendered itself congruent to the facial expressions of all who must endure it. I sit free of these sentiments in my dwelling, entwined between caffeine and code, staving off the force of elements far greater than oneself.

My mind turns to consider sustenance and I long for the pizza I have been expecting for some hours now, it will sustain me in a far more tasteful manner than the crumbed fish pedalled to those who take sustenance from the establishment this eve.

This afternoon my hand turned again to labour for domesticity, in arrogant defiance of my hatred therefore. I have chosen to grant this limb leniency, but woe betide any other limb who might act in expectation of such generosity in the future. My roots are set in the swamp of self-interest and not in the forest of benevolence from whence they might appear to hail. Though this hand has perpetrated treasonous doings, said doings have ensured that the garments to lie upon my lions will remain unspoiled below future moons.

The inhabitants of this planet have engrained in their culture and social consciousness the idea that each spawn of their race is in some way unique and special, despite the fact that the aforementioned spawn share a common genotype and inherit their alleles from those that spawned it.

This complex has lead to the creation of a series of 24 hour periods or “days” allocated to the acknowledgement and reinforcement of the roles of individual sub-sects within the societal structure. Today is the day allocated to recognise the fact that the female of the species is capable of fulfilling the role of mother, as is determined by her genetics.

On this day, all members of human society are called upon in social obligation to render praise and gifts upon the female who spawned them, with the intended effect of increasing this females sense of self-worth, possibly to ensure that she will breed again, however my research is not extensive enough to conclusively verify this.

In an effort to better assimilate myself into the social structure of this planet, I have rendered upon the female responsible for my spawning, (or “mother”, as they call them in the native lingua franca) the appropriate praising, mentioned here by way of reiteration .


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