Ghost Face

Pondering one’s own actions is usually a sobering experience, but this time it is somewhat more introspective than would be normal for me. I am now forced to consider what forces within me allow me to disregard not only my decision-making logic but also my ability to analyse these decisions in order to prevent me doing these things again.

These concerns are things that logic would tell me to abandon, as is usually the case with my decision making logic, a set of validating constants is also returned which aleviates this logic of the burden of analysis and transfers it to my ability to act. If these concerns are not mine, why am I unable to cease pondering them? This is a pivotal fact which I have yet to ascertain

Until I can find the answer to this, I suspect this infinite loop with all it’s subtle side-effects will continue to radiate within me like my own personal Chynobal(sp?)  


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