‘Tis a Sin To Fall Afoul of Chronos: Clocks Are Important

In recent days I have instigated a resurgence in my blogging habits at the behest of a few of those in my inner circle. Unbeknownst to the vast majority of you, this resurgence was almost stifled thanks to an incorrectly configured chronometer.

Recently my computer has existed in a state of flux with respect to the operating system running thereon. After mistakenly installing a volume licensed copy of Server 2008 (obtained legally), I decided to switch to Linux, which ended in frustration and the reinstallation of Vista alongside the fledgling Windows 7 RC.

Each operating system treats the system clock differently which resulted in the misdetection the current date as May18 when in fact it is only May 11 as of this writing. This proved problematic when posting to my blog because it meant that the blog entries were posted to the server to be published in the future, which explains the “posts not showing up” behaviour I was seeing.

I am rather disappointed that my first instinct was not to check the time, but to query whether Windows Live Writer was in some way broken instead of considering the simplest cause first.

entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem


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