Perfect Noodle

To describe my culinary skills as rudimentary would greatly understate how ineffectual they really are. Despite this, there are a few meals I feel I am capable of preparing including such exotic delicacies as two minute noodles.

On most occasions noodle preparation leads to some degree of mess and the distress related to having to clean that mess up combined with the frustration derived from not being able to perform simple tasks without the necessity for me to expend a that deal more effort than everyone else.

This time however was different, when I prepared my noodles I felt a substantial degree less friction because none of the usual obstacles presented themselves. For whatever reason this time everything went incredibly smoothly which lead to much better tasting noodles because there was very little time delay between the preparatory steps.

Unfortunately the post-gormandising steps remain just as unpleasant as they ever have been, even if they are made easier by my lower level of frustration


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