No Home Of Sunshine

The house to which I alluded in my last post turned out to be a facility called Sunshine Homes, and though one might be forgiven for assuming that the facility was a rest home, anybody making such an assumption would then have to deal with failure should they choose to act thereupon.

The home is in fact a small housing complex whose resident population consists entirely of either those who are students or those who are working, and from what I saw the facilities population appeared to be mostly people from Asian nations.

Unfortunately for me there were some accessibility issues which for the most part could be easily patched, except for the inability to get my rather slim manual chair comfortably inside their bathroom. Additionally the person in charge appeared to speak English as a second language, which is not at all a bad thing, however she was very difficult to understand and also refused to speak directly to me, preferring instead to speak to my colleague, I suspect this is because my being in a chair made her uncomfortable although I can’t verify this.

I am frustrated and tired now, but my search for a house continues


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