Tiredness and Dwelling

Without faltering, tiredness and preoccupation clash as the melody to Signs once again, providing to the world a porthole through which my inner-self might be observed for some unknown meanwhile. My night has been occupied by code and thoughts, of change, uncertainty and of that which has paws.

My preoccupation is unfortunate as it is known to act as an antonym to productivity, especially when one is attempting to code. My body calls for me to answer the impossible contradiction, I must keep my eyes open to prevent over-sleeping yet tiredness behoves their closure.

When answering an impossibility one will often attempt to perform the median of all extremes, however on this occasion I choose to opt for the former of these as this best suits the requirements of my impending house viewing. This viewing brings with it some uncertainty surrounding the nature of these accommodations. The proprietor thereof is clearly not a native of this nation, preferring to hail from one of the many available Asian nations which has created somewhat of a linguistic disconnect between the two of us.

She defines this property as “Special young person’s accommodation.” I question the intent of the word special, is it meant to imply that there is something “special” about the houses inhabitants, possibly in the form of an intellectual disadvantage?, or did she mean that the accommodations themselves are special by virtue of their catering specifically to “the youth”? Only time will tell me, and then because time has not compelled me with an NDA, I will tell you.


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