Home Is Where The Stairs Are Not

I am once again departing to view another potential abode. As the number of repetitions of this cycle climbs I am beginning to develop some better criteria for candidate selection, however this is hindered somewhat by the deception employed in the crafting of many of the visual representations of said houses.

In my brief communiqué with the owner of this particular abode I have been made aware that this property is adorned in a tirade of that most onerous and unnecessary accoutrement, the step. While these vile things do repulse me, I shall not paint this property in a negative light on the basis of this alone if only because I can proceed in the knowledge that said attribute might be easily circumvented.

Fairness is a virtue and so if I am to abstain from judgement of that which is onerous, I must abstain from judgement overall until I can render a verdict based on my senses.

Andnow, my chariot awaits


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