Crazy Happy

So, it’s 9:00 on Tuesday morning and I’ve only been awake for like two hours and not seven which means I am not feeling like a complete zombie for once. I also have clean clothes so certain people can’t complain about that today either.

I have to look at houses today, I called earlier this morning to organise transport in the form of taxis to the properties and there were no hassles or negotiations to be negotiated, I got a simple, positive response which is a rare change from the usual “you can’t get a taxi between x and y”

I’m still apprehensive about going to view houses, but I have listened to just enough of “In The Jungle” (yes, it’s from the lion king) to make me crazy happy, so for now that’s not bothering me too much. It’s nice to have something to distract me from this crap every once in a while, so woe betide the person who shall try and take it from me today, because I don’t want to be sad today, I want to be happy.


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