Change, Peace and a Meatball.

The day waives longevity and I retire to consider what has passed beneath it. Satisfaction hath graced me again for now, and I prey it’s presence might be less prodigal hereafter.

As the peace washes over me I consider it’s origin and what I might do to prolong it; in doing this I come to the realisation that change prefers a catalyst to omnipotence, and that the greatest catalyst for change lies within. There are forces within my domain that work in oblivion to my will, however I can choose how to handle these, and it is this choice that has lead me to the peace I now feel.

My mind turns from peace to obligation as I consider setting up the automatic payment for my rent, I wonder how dramatically my hypothesis will diverge from reality with respect to the financial pressure this new expense will create.

By way of distraction and procrastination, I cast my mind back to a newly discovered wonder of gastronomy, the meatball sub, a delicacy upon which I hope to dine again.

Stress has been the median of all my emotions of late, and while I hope to rectify this in the future, I will savour the anomalies that lie few and far between.


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