Moving: A Sign Of Life

Ever since I have been on this planet I have been confined to a set of facilities controlled by other entities, this has the effect of allowing such entities to place certain constraints on me and my activities, having lived under such constraints for what any evil overlord would consider an interminable amount of time, I am about to complete the final movement in this most dramatic of ballets, I shall taste freedom, and the world shall heed its consequences

This coming Friday, I and my associated materials shall relocate permanently to a new lair, the location of which must naturally be known to the few in whom I can afford to place the most steadfast of confidence. Moving an organisation of such power and grandeur as my own comes with a good deal of stress and the requirement for a good amount of preparation as evidenced by this rendering of how my time shall be allocated.

 Screenshot of my schedule for friday from the iPhone

As an aside, I’d just like to mention how much I love the iPhone’s integration with Google Calendar via ActiveSync 🙂


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