New Abode

On Friday I officially exited rehab and have since begun my new life of independent living “in the community”. I’m still not entirely certain that this is going to work in the long term, yet I remain calm and confident if only because history has shown me that nothing in my life has worked all that well from the outset.

My new abode is a room in a shared house, living with me are several couples and individuals of diverse ethnicities with whom I have engaged in minimal cursory interaction to date, I’m not sure to what extent this can be attributed to my inexperience in this situation as opposed to my general social ineptitude thanks to my years of solitude, only time will tell.

My room is of average size and features an ensuite bathroom with shower, toilet, vanity and a large mirror that’s low enough for me to actually use.

I am still in a semi-unpacked state by virtue of the fact that I currently lack the necessary capacity to store all of the items I own, I plan to remedy this in the short term with the purchase of a desk or some type of draw-based storage solution, preferably one with an elaborate name of French origin which fails to display on the shop’s ageing Point Of Sale system due to the many macron-bearing characters.

I haven’t yet ventured out to discover the local amenities, however the state of the neighbourhood provides justification for my procrastination, even if only as a convenient distraction for some greater underlying issue like my complete lack of area knowledge and sense of direction

Welcome to Brad 3.0 RTM


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