Transitions, Transience and A Few Constants

The morn arrives and I have not slumbered which does not bode well for me when one considers that I must remain cognitive to greet guests in a little while. I had an interesting night, with ponderings devoted to history and to Formula One, and to lions

I am enjoying this new phase of my life, however I wonder how much longer the status quo can remain, for the lack of vocation might soon behove me to adopt a somewhat darker attitude, lest I make haste in rectification.

I returned to the prison with admissions of weirdness. I felt a strange sense of being emotionally and mentally alien to a place that for a small portion of my life was home. This is not a feeling I have encountered before,  despite having returned to many of my previous abodes, bunkers and lairs. It has been said that some parts of our history should not be preserved, those parts might represent something significant which causes one to want to cling, however it is important that one realises that some experiences are best allowed to pass, and that preservation is not requisite to recognition.

Having said that there are certain elements and characters of my time in “the prison” that I will preserve and cherish because those people, who by now should know who they are, added a great deal to my life and are responsible for a good portion of my recent personal development.

As I look back one final time, with uncertainty toward my future, I am glad that I am where I am and thankful to everyone who got me here, now it’s my job to continue alone what we began and hopefully make something incredible happen.

In that regard I have decided to redirect my study efforts toward previously unexamined fields, because there are many, I shall bring to bare the little specificity I can muster and make it known that at this point I am interested in the study of linguistics which I am investigating taking up at UC next year.


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