Vanilla Veiled Threat: The Minion Hath Come

Today a new phenomenon occurred within my universe with the arrival of a minion requisitioned for the task of “home help”. Despite the advantages implied by said moniker, my initial experience causes me to ponder the extent to which such a minion might pose a threat to the existing territory I have claimed, as well as to my ongoing efforts to claim territories unexplored in my fight for self-sufficiency.

The minion itself presents no problem, however the principle underlying the presence of the minion is troubling in a multitude of contexts. I am primarily concerned that having a minion to bid at my behest does not behove maintenance nor sharpening of what are a small set of relatively immature skills; further to this, the ability to enlist the assistance of a trained minion does little to dissuade me from becoming lax with respect to embarking upon ventures in the many vast and unexplored territories that remain.

For an evil overlord such as myself, quandary about whether to dispose of a minion is both a novelty and an abnormality insofar as such a decision would normally be easy given my penchant toward human resource disposal, however this case is not quite so clear cut.

The minion does have some useful functions such as cooking and helping to clean areas which I find difficult or impossible, however this advantage comes with the aforementioned risks, therefore the role of the minion must be clearly defined in it’s mind and the boundaries of this role must be brutally enforced to prevent contamination of useful skills.

I am not normally a particularly assertive person, however when managing the minion I feel a greater level of assertiveness is required. My ability to successfully and diplomatically render the required control shall be an experiment observed with some curiosity both externally and introspectively.


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