Happiness To Spite Thy Ales

The day is warm and despite my minor sickness I am happy listening to Joan Osborne’s “One Of Us” while I wait for my download to complete. I had a good night last night, nothing spectacularly noteworthy occurred but the fact that I spent the evening happily chatting to my flatmates is yet another sign that I might actually fit in here, which has never happened before.

At the outset, I mentioned that I was slightly sick. It appears that the diareah behind my recent issues has not departed and that it may not have been the Chinese food I ate last week. In consideration of the  persistence of this gastro-intestinal displeasure, I am beginning to suspect that it might be something a tad more advanced. I am hopeful that a high fluid intake will rid me of the menace within the span of the next few solar rotations, but only the happening of said rotations shall prove that hypothesis.

My mother possesses Nirvana’s Unplugged album, it is through this possession that I attained the opportunity to partake of it’s vocal pleasures. I have come to regard  this album as one of the more significant sets of renditions that I have heard with respect to the deliverance of satisfaction over repeated renderings. For this reason I recently purchased a DVD derived from the same performance that gave rise to the album and I am most satisfied with the purchase.

While all the songs on the album are excellent, I have always particularly liked Plateau which resonates with me for reasons unknown in the light of my complete disconnection from the message of the song. I thank my mother for her excellent musical taste from which I now benefit.


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