Excrement, Cake and Strange White Powder

The land of nod alludes me, instead I sit awake to render upon you what lurks in my cranium when most of the world is at rest. I have recently returned from a midnight snack of cake offered to me by one of my flatmates who it would appear shares my nocturnal habits.

Situations become difficult when the stakeholders are of equal influence and opposing view. Such a situation is currently unfolding within me as my body craves rest and my mind ceases to cease.

My thoughts are of the day, and with a certain thoroughly inebriated  penguin who I hope has found more rest than I by this late hour.

Among the features of this day was laundry powder and my spillage thereof, it is fiendishly hard to clean up without the full benefit of coordinated faculties and today I have managed to spill it on two separate occasions.

And now I retire to consider the coming gas bottles and the impending opportunity to have a hot shower and generally not smell like excrement.


One thought on “Excrement, Cake and Strange White Powder

  1. I’m glad someone had me in their thoughts. And yes I was thoroughly unconcious (not in a coma) by the time you posted this entry. 🙂

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