Shirk & Replenish

To shirk convention, I have ended my slumber before the half-days passing. I have few plans for today and so am wandering my mind, viewing what it is that can be seen and contemplating the many things that appeal to my mind from moment to moment, not the least of which, arctic mammals.

My stomach is empty, to remedy this I grow intent to fill it with loosely compressed wheat interspersed with bovine mammary extract. I had also intended to employ the services of the automated garment cleaner, however said facilities are currently indisposed, performing services for one of the many who have risen before me.

Due to the increasing insufficiency of my food supply, there is a need to venture outward to an acquisition depot, however, I shall delay this venture for approximately 48 hours in order to prevent further fiscal constriction, thereby keeping me comfortably solvent for the next accounting period, or more precisely a micro-chasm thereof.

I look forward to reaching the apex, and climax of this week for reasons unspecified due to lack of necessity


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