Abstractions, Frustrations and Feeling Hopeless

It’s the end of a relatively short night of coding because I have only managed to confuse myself further thanks to my need to abstract away from the OpenID implementation I am using because for whatever reason it seams they chose to seal classes and not provide especially useful interfaces.

In actual fact the latter is probably a falsity, however I am feeling rather cemented in my architectural decisions this eve and the fact that the library doesn;t want to comply with my will is therefore frustrating, hence I should stop committing before I break more than I already have.

I’m cold, this is probably an indication that when undertaking midnight coding sessions one should ideally be wearing more than a pair of boxers if one seeks prolonged retention of heat.

I hate going to bed angry like this after coding, it means I had a bad night and the code will now thrash around in my head for the next four to six hours preventing me from sleep and reinforcing the feeling that, as usual my efforts are futile.

Oh joy, a headache, caffeine withdrawal is a wonderful compliment to my current emotional state.

Fuck it all, I’m going to bed 😦


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