My Vodafone: Something Good, Something Bad

I am in the process of ending my contractual obligation to Vodafone, as a part of this process I am required to pay the outstanding months bill and early termination fee, a combined value of approximately $100. To do this I decided to use the My Vodafone website as I wish to pay my bill using money in my “play” fund.

Upon attempting to login using the number associated with the account, I was refused access on multiple occasions. I concede that this may be a credential issue as it’s been a while since I logged into the account, but I’m reasonably sure that I was using the right credentials.

To get around the issue I logged in using the number associated with my prepay account and decided that as I was logged in I would top this up also. This was surprisingly easy as Vodafone had finally redesigned the UI such that it no longer redirected to another internal Vodafone billing site and I could just top up by filling in a form, no more associating a credit card with one’s account it seams.

I entered and double checked my details and clicked Make Payment, at which point I was greeted with every developers favourite thing, a stack trace!

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While I do appreciate that development of enterprise applications isn’t easy, and that Vodafone are making considerable effort to improve their website, which to the mind of this author has been very bad in the past, I do expect things like decent error handling from multinational corporations. Stack traces shouldn’t be seen by users, especially not when doing things like credit card transaction processing where users are particularly sensitive to failure because they stand to loose money.


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