Now You’re Gone: My Thoughts

I have just listened to Basshunter’s album Now You’re Gone in it’s entirety and as I expected it is largely filled with the kind of dance-pop that the forthcoming generation associates with dance music. While I do understand this from a marketing perspective, it’s sad to think that this will be many young people’s introduction to dance and electronic music in general because it lowers the bar considerably when compared with the older stables of dance music like Alice Deejay, Delirium and The Prodigy, which are experiences I feel no fan of dance music should be without.

The commercial bias of the album causes one to quickly become restless and irritated, however it is because of this mass-market sound that the few tracks on the album that escape this mould are accentuated more than they might otherwise have been.

Tracks I Can Stand:

  1. Russia Project

  2. In Her Eyes

  3. Camilla

These are only initial impressions, so things may change in the future, while the album doesn’t appear to be anything special, I think Basshunter has some potential. Hopefully he can escape the mass-market dance pop sound in the future.


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