Transactional Discontent

When one considers that I am destined to be the next evil overlord of the peoples, provinces and properties that populate this planet we call Earth, the prospect of understanding my displeasure toward the concept of limitation becomes somewhat easier, but in case you are one of those people for whom reason and logic are foreign concepts, and for the sake of extending this post I shall elaborate on this point.

The ethos of one who attempts to acquire a global dictatorship is one which centres around control and the freedom to use that control for whatever ends I deem appropriate based entirely upon the sway of my whim at any given moment in time. I do not currently posses this control due to some constraints placed upon me by the existing establishment with respect to both my physical capability and freedom to act.

This afternoon one ramification of these constraints was thrust upon me electronically. While attempting to make a purchase for which I had entered all of the correct authentication codes I was greeted with the message “over sys limit” which is EFT parlance for

“Even though this is your money, and it is in your account, we aren’t going to let you dispense it at your whim in such large amounts, just in case you aren’t actually yourself and are somebody who is not yourself and therefore are also somebody who is somebody else”

After a quick verbal exchange with a bank-related demand satisfaction minion it was made clear to me that this arbitrary limit was part of their grand scheme and could not be usurped by incantations upon any given keypad, nor by sacrifice to a pagan deity.

I left the proprietor sans his proprietary bounty, but not before making a vowel to return after the sun hath twice circumnavigated this orb. With the benefit of forewarning my return shall see me capable of leveraging the necessary fiscal resources to successfully quench my purchasing desires.


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