Life and Finding What You Don’t Know You Need

Today was a valuable day with respect to my introspection and internal self-awareness. Of late I have been feeling sad and confused because I don’t feel I am progressing fast enough toward my goals in life. As part of dealing with this, I identified that a key for the feeling I’m having was the fact that I was not enrolled in any course, and therefore was not progressing toward employment, which has always been one of my goals in life, and the one I feel most strongly affects my self-perception.

Today I enrolled in an MCP course. This certification will afford me some leverage into the job market and is thus critical to my greater life plan. There is merit in the assertion that my enrollment in this course should represent progress toward the aforementioned goal and should therefore trigger feelings of happiness or contentment, unfortunately for those daring enough to make such assertions, reality shall not oblige them and I sit now feeling great sadness and insecurity.

I am currently incapable of beginning work on the aforementioned course by virtue of the stymied that is the enrollment processing process. I hope that the commencement of active work will behoove a better state within me.


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