Pedagogy, Domesticity, Stases

Today I feel average, but I do rest upon the cusp of good. I have spent this day ingesting the educational offerings of my course and appeasing that which behoves appeasement. Of all forces in the universe, the one which I detest with the greatest passion and rhetoric is domesticity. While performing the tasks that constitute this cesspool of discontent is not something from which pleasure can be derived, I do find a certain degree of contentment in the knowledge that, for the meantime at least, this most most awful requirement has been satisfied, and those who seek to decry me as negligent thereunto shall be branded as hypocrites by virtue of the state of my crockery.

And now, I am torn between pragmatism and desire; The latter would have me vegetate with some form of audiovisual content while the former would prefer that I return to my studies as this is the most beneficial course of action for the longer term. For now I shall let the conflict continue and remain in this stases of juxtaposition


One thought on “Pedagogy, Domesticity, Stases

  1. EXCUSE ME! what is this i hear of you not visiting mother for the week???? thats it i think im gonna have to go caps lock on your ass! JJ love you lots! P.S dont you want to divit bella????

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