Death At Shocking Frequency

Of late, shock protectors in our house have been tripping and cutting power to the lounge and kitchen area. While I do understand that this is a necessary safety feature, and am grateful to not receive the shock being contained, I am somewhat annoyed at the frequency with which this occurs. If this were an event that just had an inconveniently high frequency, then it would not behove the recantation I have afforded it, which itself alludes to the greater significance of this event, especially as it petunias to network infrastructure.

The router and modem are plugged into a powerpoint on one of the circuits affected by the trip and so were violently removed from service. This alone is enough to pose risk to sensitive electronics such as routers, however the situation was exacerbated by it being unplugged and replugged again while trying to isolate the device that caused the shock protector to trip. I may be mistaken about the cause of the device aliments, I am however certain that the device no longer boots correctly which suggests one of the following may have occurred:

  • Corrupt Flash
  • Inconsistent hardware state

Both of these things could have occurred as a result of repeated disconnections, or the router receiving power in either quantities or places where it should not. Whatever the cause, I now have a very sick router that I hope a simple re-flash of the firmware will fix


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