Returning & Reinventing

It’s 3:32pm and i have only just reached the summit of my consciousness for the day. As I sit here reflecting upon the recent happenings of my universe, it behooves me to think of that which roars, and of code, which I have not written in a capacity productive to my training for some time. In scribe, I pause for want of fried products, at the forefront of such biological demands is that which would have me consume a large quantity of fries which are to be procured from McDonnell’s.

The lion sits upon my mind, it has returned and I fee a sense of contentment of sorts, despite its partiality, it’s presence is reassuring for some reason.

I am considering employing the services of an external to reduce the amount of cranial coating I possess by way of shaving. By the end of such an devour it is hoped that I would posses a crop which is easily maintained while enhancing my rugged good looks.

Yesterday I ventured out of the lair to retrieve those products of an organic nature which are necessary to sustain my respiration. Of the products purchased I am most pleased with the “red flame” grapes, while these morsels fail to live up to their namesake insofar as their relative inflammability, I will overlook this in acknowledgment of the more poignant trait of deliciousness which are exuded en masse by these delicious fruits. Unfortunately for me the price of such grapes is usually exorbitant and so the prospects for future consumption look bleak at best, however I shall buy them whenever an opportunity appears within a context of suitable thrift.

While much more has happened in my existence of late, my ability to verbalize these things in a sufficiently creative manner is somewhat constructed by my lack of sleep, hence I shall cease my literary ventures for the meanwhile and bid you adieu.


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