Progress And A Return

The day has been long and unusual in respect to my waking at hours akin to those maintained by the rest of the population. Also of note today was my productivity with respect to the amount of content I covered during the eight hours of this solar rotation consumed by the digestion of information related to programming. Of late I have been quite sad, however I appear to have ascended somewhat from the lowly murk of weeks prior.

After three months of solidarity, I have come to the decision that Mac OS X is not the operating system in which I prefer to spend time. For this reason, as well as  my recent purchase of Grand Theft Auto IV I have undertaken re-partitioning of my hard drive and a re-installation of Windows Vista. While there are certain Mac users in my vicinity that might seek to render snide remarks about the superiority of OS X, I prey these factions shall remain ever silenced by virtue of the fact that OS X is still present on my machine and shall remain so for as long as I feel the need to explore it.

My course is going well, today I finished the last of the outstanding units in this module and will spend the next few days writing an application which will embody each of the concepts I have studied in order to make me aware of the nuances not visible when code is examined in isolation as it so frequently is in the study of programming. Christchurch City Libraries is having a book sale over the enxt few days that I hope to attend in order to procure some books or DVDs at a rate more fiscally comfortable than could be found when dealing by commercial channels.

I got a craving for Liz Phair today which I elected to satisfy, however when I did this I did not anticipate the rising of sentiments that would rise within me upon hearing the melody for “Why Can’t I”, alas I listen again and resign such thoughts to places less focal.


And now, before the night recedes further into day, I shall depart to sleep in preparation for the morrow, where I shall write once more in code, verse and word


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