Happy Pill

Today I find a symbiosis with the weather, whose grey and bleak exterior has for the most part mirrored my own for the last 12 hours. Fortunately for this weekend I have found a odd elevator in the form of some late ‘90s electro-pop. More specifically I have rediscovered the song “Two Times” by Ann Lee.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with her work she is a British electro-pop singer now living in Spain and she released a series of tracks under various names for the Eurobeat series of dance music albums. The song to which I refer was also the theme song for the movie “Head Over Heels” which was released in 2006 (Wikipedia)

While downloading the song I discovered that the song was part of a compilation titled “Best Summerhits Ever” which lead me to wonder how exactly this statement would not be deemed false advertising. It is well established that time is linear and forward-moving, furthermore new music has been released each summer after the release of this album and many of the tracks released in those summers have become popular internationally ergo the title of the aforementioned album is a blatant falsehood for which I am surprised nobody has sued.

While it has no baring on the suggestion made by the title of the album, I am behooved to query how exactly the word “summerhit” never came to the attention of any proofreaders or marketing staff members. I do acknowledge the possibility that this term was used deliberately, if this is so then I feel compelled to question the mental state of the people who named this album since this contraction is far from ubiquitous enough to qualify as a neologism.

Writing this entry has been entertaining and I shall Endeavour to write at a higher frequency in the future.


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