Pre-Dawn Musings

It’s 3:30 AM and the sugar and caffeine pulsing through my veins seeks to vanquish even the slightest suggestion of sleep until long after the rising of our star. My spirits are high, and within me dwells a ravenous, unwavering hunger for vocoder-laden French techno, the only solution to this is of course to listen to one of my all time favorite artists Eiffel 65.

To spite inspiration, I shall refrain from writing code. It is prudent to err on the side of caution, lest I risk confrontation with the frustrations, which lurk in the murk that hath settled to constrict the faculty of thought.

At this moment I have energy, the presence of which behooves its expense upon pursuits which yield the highest possible advantage. Upon comparing a number of worthwhile activities,including the venerable GTA IV, I have arrived at the determination to engage in study for as long as I retain the mental capacity to do so.

In wake of this declaration, continuing to write would be treasonous unto my better judgment and would serve to affix upon me the mark of a procrastinator once again, ergo, the conclusion of my scribing.


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