Sleepless Nights & Changing Focus

There has been much on my mind of late regarding life, love, the future, the past and where it is that I sit. I am thankful for my recent surge of motivation with regard to doing course work and actually getting on with life. I am not the type of person to sit idle in the face of injustice or the unexplained, and while I believe this to be a good trait in general, it often acts as a barrier to achieving my goals because I get so focused on what I perceive to be wrong, and my quest to write it that I completely loose sight of the task at hand.

One recent example of this relates to the testing methodology used by Microsoft in the certification exam for which I am preparing. The focus is on the minutia of specific functions, the names or orders of parameters, as much as it is on the broader skills of development and understanding of Microsoft technologies. The idea that one must have a certain working knowledge of the API to be an efficient programmer is not a point I hold in contention, however I believe that this comes with frequent use, and the IntelliSense largely negates the need for memorizing the specifics of individual parts of the API and so having a test so focused on them seamed odd to me.

I have now accepted that the exam is what it is and I have no control of this, my focus now is preparing myself for the test as it stands so that I can achieve the best possible outcome for me


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