Progress and Herpes

As Modern Love by Bloc Party plays conscience should call to remind me that I owe them an album. Token appreciation perhaps, belated by debate, but fact stands in immutable oblivion to all of this as the spark inside fires for this the fourth time. The rule of three hath been met and so to coffers for copper to part with in exchange for further renditions.
I have been very happy of late for happenings reported previously. In this regard it would be an infidelity of fact to suggest that this has changed, however it would be a treason of similar magnitude to suggest that change itself were absent, for he denies change, denies life, and this is a crime even if perpetrate wholly toward oneself.

The human will settle first upon that which is most overt. What holds this place is subject to the whim of that which is observing what there is to be observed; the ear, privy to a world of sound shall never know the eye’s domain. Since no synergy is found in exclusion, it stands to reason that some omnipotent force must oversee it’s creation.  Some might turn to faith, religion  or spirituality. I choose to believe that my synergy is made in the brain, by eye, by ear, by noise, by taste, by memory and by cognition;  you may not agree, but this is not yours, this synergy is mine, and I love it.

I mentioned before that things had changed, and that we focus on what is most overt. I got a little distracted, but the essence is true. If you were to observe me now, what you may not notice is the many tiny micro-blisters on my hip and back, these are a symptom of shingles from which I am currently suffering. While it has been an extremely painful few weeks, it has gotten rapidly les s painful of late, however the blisters still remain.

Shingles is a recurrence of the Chickenpox virus which itself is a member of the Herpes Simplex family of viri. Yes, this means I have some form of herpes, as do you provided you’ve ever had chickenpox or a cold sore.
After initial infection, when most of us have chickenpox, the virus hangs around in your spinal cavity and will be with you until you die. Under normal circumstances your immune system will suppress further infection, however this fails sometimes, and when the virus re-activates it manifests as Shingles.

The reasons for these immuo-WTFs are not entirely clear, however one trigger is believed to be severe stress.
I’ve been incredibly happy lately, however there were a few instances of severe slightly prolonged stress when my shower drain blocked and flooded my house, add to this that I got my can-opener lodged in the can, and then cut my hand attempting to retrieve it, and then my foot when I let go of the sharp can in reaction to the pain, and I can begin to see perhaps why I may have had an immuno-senior-moment.

This put an end to my streak of prolonged happiness and sort of burst the new house bubble a bit but I am still happy and having an interesting time introspectively trying to figure out where all the standard emotions belong without the depression to gravitate around.

I’ve noticed that I seem to be speaking moiré regularly to the family again, and that doesn’t feel weird or slightly compromising as it once did which is good.  As I’ve said before, I needed the silence for a period in my life, and while I most certainly am enjoying the freedom and space from the family, the silence is no longer a necessity.  I feel now that I can talk to them whenever I feel it necessary which is most defiantly a good thing.

In summary, things are going well and this half hour of solid writing has really helped me clear m head. I thank the few of you who do take the time to read m blog for the time you spend, it does mean a lot to me, especially when the posts are as long as this.


One thought on “Progress and Herpes

  1. It is very nice to read your verbose updates. Refreshing to indulge in unnecessary syntax and lexicographical ostentatiousness. A boon of brain blasting babble… well, maybe not babble. Good to read you’re doing well. 🙂

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