Money Is Not a Universe

“You can only lean, on me for so long”

Oh…a reader. How unexpected. Time matches on, and at almost 1 000 seconds past the hour I wait for transit to places more procedural. At the behest of those who indulge in the anal obedience of legislative subsections, I must be assessed. This assessment shall come at the hand of a learned stranger of medical pedagogy. Based upon his assuredly shallow knowledge of me and my operational parameters, recommendations must be made to the enforcers about which of a select set of vocations I am likely to acclimate to with a reasonable chance of success.

At a point in time ancestral to the current point, a second bureaucrat was dispatched to glean information from me about which vocations I had considered and in what ways I was qualified for them. While my interest in all thing compu-tastic was noted, the bureaucrat felt it best to call into question vocations less amenable to my favor, including that which I detest to the point of declaring it’s moral repugnance: Telemarketing. This bureaucrat, knowing not of my fantastic innards, hath the insolence to suggest that I might be reduced to receiving pittance for pedaling goods in which I did not believe, while having the righteous wrath of those whose dinner I’d disturbed thrust upon me. You all know that I would prefer death to this, and I told the bureaucrat in terms likely to bring  visions of a definition similar to HD content to her mind which would not comply with the relevant legislation.

While in the presence of this minion I await, I intend to use any and all means I might command in order to affix my intention to work with computers at the forefront of his mind with respect to my very existence. All of this being said, if all the parameters bare desirable values, then it may be that I am placed in some part time work. While I consider work to be a desirable addition to my life and a milestone in my own progression, I feel it is not unreasonable to perform work to which I sit ethically opposed and hence refuse to be made party to such activities easily.

The world is now a slimy heaving mass. This creature is motivated only by the rapid accrual of monetary wealth and will sacrifice all other things, be they material or immaterial for it. While I know that at some point I too will feed this beast as society demands, I choose to do so in a way I consider constructive of something good. Moral strength is a tenant of an honorable man and as I grow I see this becoming unceasingly more important to hold on to as the world around me becomes more selfish and corrupt.


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