Somewhere, A Pipe Has Broken

If you are reading this then my luck has changed. It seams due to some application and router issues TelstraClear cable has been down for me all day (0900 – 2301). I hope this resolves itself without me having to call support because support at TelstraClear has gone downhill in recent times due to it’s recent outsourcing to the Philippines. The CSRs have an annoying “so close to american, but not” voice that I really really hate. The silver lining to  all this is that TelstraClear’s network staff are permitted to talk on Twitter so there is a more direct interface with the people whose job it is to fix the problem and it is my preference to deal with these people rather than a CSR who can’t even convince me she knows anything more about the service she’s “supporting” than what’s written on her script.

I want my internet back. Indications are that service has been restored for some but not all at this stage. For now only the morning will tell whether I shall endure another day of frustrating disconnection from the world.


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