Darkness & Death, Light and Life

Were the constituents of this toxic soup un-bonded, eyes would gaze upon pools of selfishness, of pain, and of acceptance. To shun this to a margin would be preferable, but here it sits as a reminder of the stark contrast between preference and reality; and of the effect of time on the mind and soul. I have seen it alter, my only recourse now is to prey that it also heals. I have waded in this pool enough for now, and so the focus shall change to events and aspects made more palatable by virtue of their greater positivity.

As some of you will know, I have decided to recommence an IT degree through CPIT. I will be enrolling for semester 1 of 2011 despite my lack of clarity with respect to my specific undertakings thereafter. I do this knowing that U will inevitably face the same mathematical obstacle that stood before me once before, however this time, I feel I am better placed to conquer it, given my new found ability to correctly translate numbers between different bases. I also anticipate many other challenges , the likes of which I have yet to fathom, but I dare not perceive them lest they present themselves a threat to my forward progression.

Today I dispense of a great volume of copper. I rendered it to a merchant in exchange for properties in his possession. Specifically I have procured a Fisher and Paykel DishDraw, which shall be delivered tomorrow morning from the merchants stores to my abode, where it shall lie in wait for those who specialize in the taming of such creatures. I have it on somewhat dubious authority that these men shall press upon the kingdom on Wednesday morning, although the reliability of this particular sect remains to be seen.


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