Dissidents In The Temple

It has been said that one’s body is a temple, this often leads to vision of a holistic and well balanced approach to life. I take no exception to the suggestion that balance in life is something to be strived for and maintained, yet there exist scenarios in which this is not feasible. There have been dissidents in my temple for as long as I have inhabited it, ergo functioning in the face of internal descent so a concept only too familiar to me. In spite of knowing how best to deal with these dissidents, they still represent a significant source of stress in my life.

The stress does not relate directly to the fact that there is a certain degree of non-compliance involved, rather it is centered on the fact that the dissidents appear immune to the gravity which constrains the temples other inhabitants to varying degrees as circumstance requires. This immunity is the factor which significantly complicates the vast majority of critical situations. As I have sought to find work, the complicators have endeavored to make themselves increasingly more overt as my search has progressed.

I found a job whose description matched my desires perfectly with the exception of travel requirements. The complicators have influenced things such that I might not operate a motor vehicle and so even the occasional travel required by the role in question would appear to prohibit me to do a job which otherwise I would be capable of. This makes me extremely sad and frustrated. When a situation such as this prevents itself, one is behooved to take stock of those parameters one does control and those which he does not, and then move on, for nothing comes of lamenting the past.

This logic may hold in isolation, but should it be applied to a set of like occurrences it quickly falls at the feet of a dui who cumulatively poses a far greater degree of fortitude than that of their victim. As the setbacks amount one is forced to question the fundamentals of ones motivation, to wonder if what one is seeking to do is indeed an ultimately pointless pursuit. Shortly thereafter one might consider the far easier option of simply collapsing into the current circumstance, I have not, and shall not submit to this, for these circumstances are not a set which I can accept, and so the fight must continue, no matter how hopeless it may feel.


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