Steps and Sand

Those who have followed my journey for a time can attest to this place being an oblesk to all things significant in my world. For a long time, I have wandered through a mist, without concept of direction, while there were patches of clarity, I eventually learned that these were transient. For that reason, I have been hesitant to come here, to place any more markers in these sands.

This morning, I return to commit a few more precious moments to the sands. Clarity is still elusive, however it is undeniable that in the past few weeks, a small cluster of actions have occurred which alone are worthy of a place in my history. Irrespective of what may come from these things, at the moment they bring me happiness and hope, and should therefore be remembered for times where the murk behooves the light to yield.

At the beginning of the year, I embarked with much trepidation on the Certificate in ICT. Because I had walked this path before and found it fruitless, I considered that to retrace it may be futile, but as ever my lust to progress toward better pastures overrode my fears.

What followed was a difficult period, wherein a great many tests were put before me. These tests concerned not only my academic knowledge, but my patience, commitment and ability to survive multiple natural disasters in quick succession.

Every interaction one undertakes serves to change him in a manner relative to the significance of that interaction. These tests have changed me incrementally in a number of different ways. Some major gaps in my knowledge of mathematics have been filled and my innate distaste for mathematics problems is slightly less pronounced than it was when I began this process.

Those who have graced these sands in times past might remember that in order to become employable, I must attain a degree. It is a requirement that those entering the degree program at my chosen house of learning must first attain the certificate. It is with great joy that I can claim to have done this and shall shortly embark upon my journey toward a qualification and gainful employment thereafter.

Apart from my academic achievements of late, I must also acknowledge the entry of a small number of significant people into my world. Though this journey is in its infancy, it has already rendered a great happiness upon me, which has been absent for a great many moons. To that which does, and those who do I give my thanks.


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