7DC: The Christmas Post

Once again the time has come for family, food and the exchange of all things material as an expression of love.

Just as it has (almost) always been, I will share Christmas 2012 with my family. If I were a raver, this year will have passed me by in the blur between the time when the drugs kicked in, and the time the lights went up to remind us we all had lives to return to.

This year I’ve experienced strokes of both fortune and misfortune. I passed most of my courses, however the old nemesis that is math once again out-foxed me. And to spite my intentions, I once again write a Christmas post as a single man, sans despair thanks to a cunning plan to remedy the situation by this time next year.

I’m unsure as to whether I’ll continue with computer-related pursuits, or yield to deviation and pursue broadcasting.

There were a great many musical pleasures bestowed upon me. Were I free to act as I wish, I would have shared the ten most endeared to my favour;  however due to restricted bandwidth, this will have to wait until my return home.

In all 7DC has been a good year for me. I wish you all a merry Christmas, a happy new year, and best wishes for 7DD.

Bonus Chatter: 7DC is the hexadecimal representation for the decimal number 2012, and 7DD is hex for 2013


One thought on “7DC: The Christmas Post

  1. Blast that mathematical fox! Merry Christmas and a delightful 7DD to you anyway old friend. Glad to hear things are mostly on the up. 🙂

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