Gray and Windy

I trust that everyone had a good Christmas and New Year.

Today is grey and bleak. It would be easy to sink into a similarly tinged melancholy, however I feel far brighter than this.

Were I to claim all was well, I would have spake unto thee a fallacy. Truth be told I am concerned about a minor pain in the tooth, and the potential consequences should it escalate into something less easily disregarded.

Stepping further toward the forefront of my mind. I find the issue of how I intend to spend the remainder of the year as it relates to occupation.  Do I make another attempt at the math paper? Or do I retreat to complete my final year of high school, several years later? I don’t have an answer now, but it behoves me to find one in short order.

I was reading the rather old and disused blog of a friend on new years eve. It’s interesting to think about which aspects of one’s life  appear to vary with the rise and fall of the sun, and which seem totally immutable.


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