Spotify Hangs After Several Minutes Playing A Track When Using Internet Connection Sharing On Windows 8.


    1. This post exists as a personal record of what fixed Spotify for me, with my hardware and network setup. No guarantees  are made about the effectiveness of this solution for anyone else in any other environment. If you follow these steps, you agree to do so at your own risk.
    2.  If you are using Internet Connection Sharing to connect your computer to the Internet then disabling it may leave you without access to the internet on the computer where Internet Connection Sharing is disabled and possibly other machines on your network. If you don’t know whether you use Internet Connection Sharing DON’T follow the steps  provided.
    3. For a more comprehensive list of possible problems and solutions, please see this thread on the Spotify Community forums.

Problem Description:

On a Windows 8 machine (late 2009 iMac in my case) which uses Internet Connection Sharing Spotify will hang after several minutes while playing a track. Spotify becomes completely unresponsive to any user interaction and the Spotify process (spotify.exe) can not be terminated due to an Access Denied error message.

Reproducing the problem:

If you are suffering from the same issue I’m describing, performing the following steps will reliably reproduce the issue.

  1. Start Spotify
  2. Sign in
  3. Start playing a track
  4. The track will play for some time
  5. The track will stop playing.

At this point the following should be true:

  1. The Spotify window will not respond to user interaction via the mouse or keyboard
  2. Spotify still appears on the Applications tab and spotify.exe is present in the Processes list.
  3. Using End Task from the Applications tab of Task Manager causes the window to disappear, but the icon may still remain on the task bar
  4. Using End Process on the spotify.exe process results in an access denied error message, even if the currently logged in user owns the Spotify process.
  5. Spotify will only successfully re-launch if the machine is rebooted.

Solution: Disable Internet Connection Sharing

  1.  Right click on the network status icon in the Task Bar and choose Open network and sharing centre
  2. Click the Change adapter settings link on the left of the window
  3. Right click the connection being shared it should say ” Shared” under it
  4. Choose the Properties menu item
  5. Select the Sharing tab
  6. Uncheck the “Allow other users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” checkbox
  7. Click OK to close the Properties dialog.


After completing the steps above I was able to launch spotify, sign in and listen to tracks without any further hangs.


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