Guilty Pleasures, Small Packages.

Because their location makes decent terrestrial reception a task akin to locating the Higgs Boson in a haystack, with a blindfold, during a thunderstorm, my parents subscribe to satellite television. One of the fortuitous side-effects of this  is that each year, around December, I get a few glorious weeks to watch content which is normally the exclusive preserve of those who can afford such luxuries, or those who have the skill and inclination to defeat the encryption used to protect said content.

This year a few channels decided to run marathons of a particular show for the day. This is common practice around the late-December early-January period when most of a network’s regular shows will have shown the current season in its entirety, and any new content will be embargoed until the year forthcoming.

This year during one of it’s marathon days I was introduced to the MTV series Awkward. I was hooked after a few episodes. Despite occasionally bumping against the wall of political correctness that is modern television standards, the show does a good job at dealing with the narrative of a teenager growing up, without becoming overly contrived in its dialog, or the way characters are portrayed, which makes Awkward well worth a watch if you’re into MTV style dramas.

Yesterday (Friday for those outside New Zealand) I ordered series one on DVD. It was supposed to ship overnight which New Zealand Post defined as “next business day”. It appears that as far as the postal service is concerned Saturday is a business day, because I woke to find a package outside my door containing said DVD.

I’ve watched two episodes thus far and I am not at all disappointed. I have decided to abstain from watching all the episodes at once in order to prolong my enjoyment thereof.

I believe I have finally found a worthy successor to Gilmore Girls as my guilty pleasure television of choice.


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