I’ll Cut Off Those Cute Little Ears: Disabling the side-buttons of an Apple Mouse in Windows

Due to the recent failure of my regular mouse I have been using the mouse supplied by with my iMac (Late 2009 iMac 27″” for those of you playing at home) for the last few days. While this mouse is generally an acceptable replacement for the recently departed one, I find that I am frequently pressing the buttons on the side of the mouse inadvertantly, causing me to spontaneously navigate back one or more pages in my browsing history whenever this occurs.

I found the  XMouseControl by way of this question on Super User. The utility works by intercepting mouse clicks and performing an action in response to those clicks. One of those responses is “disable” which causes the click to be ignored, thus preventing my browser from interpreting it as a request to go back.

To disable the side buttons:

  1. Install XMouseControl
  2. Launch XMouseControl
  3. Press the left side button
  4. One of the drop down menu’s will highlight orange to indicate that it is the menu corrosponding to the left side-button
  5. Open the drop down menu that went orange
  6. From the list of actions in the menu, choose Disable.
  7. Click Apply

XMouseControl user interface with combo-box corrosponding to the side-buttons highlighted orange.

With my mouse, the left and right side buttons are treated as a single button as far as XMouseControl is concerned so I only needed to set one of the buttons (button 4 in my case) to disabled in order to disable both the left and the right side-buttons


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