Attempt The 5th: (Hopefully) The Death Of A Math Paper

My regular readers will no doubt know of (and probably be entirely sick of hearing about) my inability to conquer a certain all-important math paper. I have decided that for better or worse, this year will be the final time I face this particular hurdle.

My strategy this year is in fact to start in semester two rather than the first semester which is very nearly upon us. The logic behind this decision is motivated primarily by financial considerations. Rather than simply amass more debt by adding to my student loan, I shall use the time to save enough to foot the bill for this paper myself. In contrast to all my previous attempts at this paper I will only be enrolling in this paper until I successfully pass it.

I am also seriously considering acquiring the services of a professional tutor once the course has started and I can afford to pay said tutor the fees demanded. This tutelage shall be augmented by the excellent resources available through Khan Academy which I have made good use of in the past.

I’d like to attempt to blog about my progress as the course progresses as a way of documenting any knowledge gained, and to allow you dear reader to share in any joy, pain or misery I might experience.



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