The Obligatory Birthday Post: 2015 Edition

At the stroke of midnight I will be 820450416.518754 (just over 800 million) seconds old.

In that time I’ve experienced a great deal of what being a human has to offer, and while I can’t say the experience has been entirely enjoyable, when considered as a whole, this life I’ve lead is best represented as a bag of the world’s most intensely flavored licorice allsorts.

So what have I done in 26 years?

  1. I’ve gained a small but awesome group of close friends
  2. I’ve got a strong set of morals to guide me. (thanks Mum)
  3. I’m directed by Science, logic and reason (thanks for not determining our religion Mum)
  4. I’ve learned that I’m extremely hard to kill.
  5. I’ve lived in at least three countries (thanks Mum & Stu)
  6. I’ve found my calling in life (Huge thank you to Granddad)
  7. I’ve almost got my Diploma in ICT (Tim, Heydon and Rikki, thanks for helping)
  8. I’ve got a job (Thanks in part to Tim)
  9. I’ve eaten some amazing food (largely thanks to Mum)
  10. I’ve got an awesome command of English (big thanks to Nanna and Mum, and my English teachers Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. Newton)
  11. I’ve got a solid upper body (Thanks Cerebral Palsy)
  12. I’ve listened to some considerably awesome music. (Thanks The Prodigy)
  13. I’ve got a good appreciation of world history (Thanks SKC)
  14. I know about Catholicism (Thanks Mr Farrell)
  15. I’ve got a solid appreciation of 90s computer games
    (Thanks Stu – 101 Best CD Games was aptly titled)
  16. I’ve experienced the joy of Leisure suit Larry (Thanks Morgan & Thomas)
  17. I’ve broken a few laws
  18. I’ve learned that I am not a morning person
  19. I’ve learned that I’m not a math person (thanks PR109)
  20. I’ve learned that almost everything ending in ‘ism’ is bad. Sexism, racism etc.
  21. I’ve learned to research and write excellent essays (Mrs. Newton, Mrs. Walsh, Chris)
  22. I can appreciate a robust debate
  23. I’ve had some awesome sex
  24. I’ve had some not so awesome sex
  25. I’ve learned fiscal responsibility (thanks Microsoft Excel)
  26. I’ve learned that the most satisfying things are the hardest to achieve (Thanks Intel)
  27. I’ve learned to be selective about the opinions I consider
  28. I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn, and that no matter how much I know, there will always be something I don’t know, and probably should

It’s been a good run so far.  I’ve got a lot of countries to see, and a lot left to do, so chances are you’ll see another one of these next year.


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