Ring Dammit

The crux of today is best verbalized by this line from late-90s alternative band Semisonic:

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Today I celebrate not only my chronological progression, but also progression with respect to the milestones against which I test my personal development and self-esteam.

As the day ended, so ended my 25th, and begun my 26th year of life. As it ended, so ended my first night shift. With that, I can proudly say that I have in fact worked one day in my life, and that I managed to do so in a field that I love. In so doing, I have started as I mean to continue in terms of a future career.

My hope is that I can use this opportunity to practice what I know, and learn as much as I can.

So, how was my first night? Quiet. Too quiet. Not a phone rang or ticket logged during my entire shift.

From the outside it’s easy to look at that and think “Great. No work, and you made some money.” Not so much. Let me go back a bit to the start of my shift.

I’m sitting there, headphones on, ticket system open, as well as the various other internal tools I might need to do my job

….and then nothing happens. No calls, no tickets. You wait a while, hit refresh, and still, nothing happens.

And then begin the questions, all of which make you wonder if you’ve somehow screwed something up, but if you have, you’re not sure how.

*exhale* “it’s over, for tonight anyway.”

Scary as that phone ringing will be, I need it to happen so I can sink, and then slowly, awkwardly, learn to swim.


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