It Rang

As my shift came to a close on Saturday night I took my first support call. It was everything I hoped it wouldn’t be, other than a large outage.

As is his wont in life, Murphy saw to it that his law was enforced on this occasion by making the internal tool I was using freeze, I presume due to a minor hiccup of my Internet connection at the most inopportune of moments.

In other news, my power chair, which had been away since my birthday was returned to me in better condition, free of the rusty bolts and tattered upholstery which represent its previous five years of working life.

Were my chair a person, one could compare this maintenance to a week at a spa, or other such place from which one returns feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the stresses of life once more.

This evening, my chair demonstrated that it had become accustomed to the spa treatment, and was not entirely certain that it wished to return to my service. This was made evident by displaying the word “Goodbye” on the controller’s screen, accompanied by a steadfast refusal to move.

Those in IT will now rise in unified chorus to sing the song of our people: “Did you try turning it on and off again?”

Of course I did.

As it was for Windows 98, Windows 95, and DOS before it, the ancient rite of the reboot was enough to persuade the chair to return to its usual modus operandi.

My manual chair has now departed to undergo the first stage of what will likely be a significantly more involved restorative process.


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