Purr Purr, Crunch Crunch

It might be premature to begin describing my weekend in the early hours of Saturday morning, but were time to end at this point, the description most apt would be “variable”. First the bad news, because then I can deliver the good news and have it act as a chaser to remove the grayscale and leave you with a pleasant hum of electric blue.

This evening I attempted to watch the second disc of Awkward Season One. In order to do this I first needed to eject disc one, which I had been watching in small doses over the last two days. Upon clicking eject, the Mac protested in a chorus of dejected mechanical whirs and taps, before sucking the disc back in and re-initialising the drive.

I’ve tried all the software based resolution steps I know in both Windows and OS X and none of these have had any positive effect. This leads me to believe that whatever is wrong is very likely a physical hardware problem best solved by a visit to an Apple representative and probably the outlay of considerable amounts of money should the drive require replacement.

On to things less crappy. Last night I bought Just Cause 2 after initially seeing it on the NerdCubed YouTube channel. I can say that the few hours I’ve payed thus far have been very enjoyable.

As a consequence of my recent decision to switch primary OS to OS X, prudence behoves that I upgrade from Lion to the current Mountain Lion release.  I’ve just completed this process so can’t yet offer a reasonable overview of the difference between the two, but I do like the more subdued style applied to the dock in Mountain Lion.

I wonder how long it will be until Apple has used all known big cat names, and when they do what will they move on to?