Half Price Motion

As many of you know, I chose to shun the status quo and it’s bipedal restrictions at a young age. As with any decision this one comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages which I must deal with.

One of the major disadvantages of foregoing bipedism is the loss of essential skills necessary to operate a motor vehicle.  Loss of these skills means that I now rely on taxis as my primary form of transport, and am subject to the financial premiums attracted by commercial private transport vendors.

Upon first observation, one may come to the conclusion that the fees charged  are reasonable in consideration of the service provided. This assertion holds true on a per-use basis, but when scaled by the number of uses per month the reader can appreciate the financial pressure imposed by these fees.

The Mobility Voucher programme exists as an effort to attempt to alleviate the aforementioned financial pressure for persons like myself.

The programme works like so:

  • Services are provided
  • The consumer presents the proprietor with a voucher to fill in after ID is presented to authenticate the person as a valid user of the programme
  • The cost of the service is halved for the consumer and the proprietor receives a $10 subsidy from the programme

About 3 months ago I ran out of vouchers, today I received two more books and am happy to once again receive half price motion


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